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October 15, 2015

My second book is now physically present among us.

Author and book

And very proud I am!  read more …

August 2, 2014

In May I travelled up to the Riverina for the Kapooka Tragedy memorial service on 21 May. This is the subject of the current project which has overlapped The Bracelet by some years. It is called a tragedy because of the loss of life – 26 men – and because, in the opinion of some, it was an accident – avoidable but waiting to happen. It had a profound effect on the population of Wagga; shops closed for the funeral and half of its population turned out to line the streets as the Army trucks carrying the coffins drove slowly through on their way out to the military cemetery.

I lived in Wagga for nearly thirty years and knew nothing of this until the months before we left for Tasmania. As much as the tragedy itself, this caught my attention. How did this happen? Ask Mr Google about Australian disasters and this one will appear high up on the list. Also there will be a bus crash, also during WWII, down near Albury in which 24 uniformed personnel were killed on their tripin to Albury for a night out from the camp at Bonegilla, killed in the blackout.

So I have been returning to Kapooka for the last three years for the ceremony. The book is almost complete; the publishing fun is about to begin.  read more …