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March 19, 2016

The Dragon Keeper

My daughter thinks little of this book and was giving away her copy to charity. I had enjoyed the Farseer Trilogy but I trust my daughter’s acumen. There was nothing else pressing to read, but there is little enough time to read. However, I read it as a writer: if it is not such a flash book, why? I read it to try to work out what didn’t work well.

Maybe the quality picked up; maybe I just hate leaving things unfinished; I am now reading the fourth in the sequence. 

Fantasy is like off-planet thrillers and/or westerns. That is, the plot is critical. Despite the need for fantastic (sorry) settings, Plot is king. Whatever stands in the way of Plot has to go. There is much that slows the plotting in these books. There is so much introspection (internal telling) rather than revelation (showing through action). it drove me nuts early; now I skim it. There is a great deal of repetition; I want to take a pair of scissors to the pages. And maybe I just can’t believe the naivety of one of the main characters.

These are major faults, in my opinion.

A pity, because the setting is interesting, the characters are evocative and the twists in the plot are surprising.

I have learned much.

It feels like Hobb hasn’t murdered all her darlings.