Welcome to the web site of JJ Sheahan

Below you will find links to shorter pieces that I have written. They show a little of where my writing has come from. If you work in education you are welcome to use them in classes and courses if you acknowledge the authorship.

The Early Leaving Song lyrics. A Yr 11 student died … somehow. I had taught her.

The Son_2006 This is a story from my grandfather’s life. A real one. I wrote this to try to get inside his experience. I submitted it to the ABC Short Story Competition.

Bogged, Bugger it 2007  Another ABC Short Story attempt, this time from my own experience. My father’s temper lives on in the stories told about it!

Some Things Don’t Change_2008 My family spent years ‘on the road’ with the cattle during the drought years of the late 70s and into the 80s. This is for Mum.

Slam poem based on THE SON In 2008 I had a crack at Poetry Slamming. This was the effort that got me to the State Finals from Wagga. It is based upon ‘The Son’, above.

The Game_2010 A mystery/crime/thriller … something. It came out of trying to play with the assumptions within Crime Fiction. Written for an assignment for my MAsters.

 Death Watch 2011 In 1927 there was a mass drowning in the Condamine River at the town of the same name. This was an experiment in how to narrate that event. Another for the MAsters.