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The Bracelet is my first novel. It took six years and seven months from conception to debut. I am hoping the next one is quicker!

BOOK LAUNCH: LINC Burnie, Tasmania, 12th February 2014

AVAILABLE FROM: Not Just Books (Burnie), Gateway Bookshop (Wagga Wagga), Amazon, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, or contact me.

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Nineteen-year-old Katelyn thinks she has escaped her past and is chasing her dreams in the opal mines of outback Queensland until she is wrenched home to the tightly knit, Snowy Mountains community where she grew up.  At home, Kate’s frail but feisty great-grandmother is now alone, and Kate must decide whether to face her responsibilities and the ghosts of her teenage years.

Everyone in the district knows Gran, and most remember Kate as the pretty, dark-skinned girl with a dead father and scary temper who left town abruptly at fifteen.

Kate seeks solace in a family heirloom – a bracelet. Beautifully crafted, it was won in an outback horse race and has been handed down the generations, from mother to daughter on the young woman’s wedding day. Gran is determined that Kate should know the adults-only stories of the women who have worn it, but Kate has little time for history. She is too busy surviving the turmoil of the present.

This is a tale about strong women across six generations of an Australian family and the heirloom that links them together. It is about embracing the reality beyond romance.


The novel is self-published. I am grateful for the nearly three years of rejections and rewrites because it has elevated the quality of the book immensely. I am deeply grateful for the patience, neutrality and availability of my wife as in-house editor over the years and of Kate Ahearne, my home-straight editor. I am proud of what we have accomplished.

There is a real bracelet in our family, an heirloom won in a horse race in outback NSW or QLD at the end of last century. The horse’s name was ‘Canadian’ and the rider was Dick Skuthorpe. The bridle hangs in my shed. I do have an ancestor who was disowned for many years by her father for marrying across the religious divide. But there the history ends and the imagination begins. The bracelet is beautiful and my forebears were principled people of strong character and firm beliefs. Stubborn, some might say, and a trait that runs high in subsequent generations.




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