Welcome to the web site of JJ Sheahan

If you are passionate about reading… or have a burning desire to write – and whether or not you’ve gone public with it – you might find something of interest here.

If you’re a bit wobbly on the digital joints, read on. The digitally young and agile will have skipped all this and found it out for themselves anyway. What you’re on now is the website. This is where I behave like a mature adult, usually, keep my opinions rational and show my wares. You’ll notice there is a lot of free stuff here. What the heck – life’s too short and salaried educators are not tycoons.

There are links at the top of the page to take you to two blogs – one about writing and the other about my passion for rocks, stones, gems, fossils – and more information about the books. They are where you’ll find the gritty stuff.

There are two titles bearing my name so far:

The Bracelet by J.J.Sheahan is a fictional historical-romance novel set in Australian rural settings across six generations. Each story within it centres on that period when one is stepping out from the home into one’s own, chosen life. I began to write the novel partly in homage to soem extraordinary women in my family.

The Kapooka Tragedy: remembering 21 May 1945 by John Sheahan is a completely different work: nonfiction and military. Australian history is a common thread. The setting for this book is just down the road from where we used to live at San Isidore, just outside Wagga Wagga and bordering the Kapooka Army Training Base. The date refers to the worst military training accident in Australian history and the larges military funeral held on home soil. I lived there for 29 years before I found out about it.

Final Warning: This place might look organised and sensible, but underneath there’s all sorts of crazy going on. And I’m a Dad – I will try to censor the humour. A bit.